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Generic Name: Levonorgestrel (LEE-voe-nor-JES-trel)

Brand Name: Examples include My Way, Plan B One-Step and Jadelle

Forms: Subcutaneous implant, oral tablet, intrauteral device

Prohibiting pregnancy after unguarded sexual intercourse or suspected birth control failure. Levonorgestrel is a progestin. How it exactly works is not yet known. It prevents pregnancy by constraining ovulation, amending transport of sperm or eggs to restrict fertilization, or changing the lining of the uterus to restrict axiom if fertilization occurs.

Drug Description:-

Jadelle (Levonorgestrel implants unavailable in us) is a set of two flexible cylindrical implants, subsists of a dimethylsiloxane / methylvinylsiloxane copolymer core confined in thin-walled silicone tights. Each implant contains 75 mg of the progestin Levonorgestrel. The implants are packed with polydimethylsiloxane gummy and sterilized. Each implant is almost 2.5 mm in diameter and 43 mm in length. The implants are introduced in a cursory plane under the skin of the uppermost arm.

Jadelle (Levonorgestrel implants unavailable in us) implants are a progestin-only commodity which do not contain estrogen. The active ingredient in the implants is Levonorgestrel which can be chemically known as (-)-13-ethyl-17-hydroxy-18,19-dinor-17α-pregn-4-en-20-yn-3-one. It has a molecular weight of 312.45.


The implants are indicated for the avoidance of pregnancy and are a long-term (up to 5 years) fluctuating method of abstinence. Both implants are to be detached by the end of the fifth year. New implants could be used at that time if you are planning to continue contraceptive protection. Post removal, fertility rates gets back to levels equal to those women using no method of contraception.

Jadelle (Levonorgestrel implants) is feasible to be less effective in corpulent women. Mean serum Levonorgestrel levels lowers as their weight increases, and the risk of pregnancy also gets higher.


Jadelle (Levonorgestrel implants) implants are a set of coupled flexible cylindrical implants, with each implant containing 75 mg of progestin Levonorgestrel. The total administered dosage is 150 mg. infusion of two implants should be taken place during the first 7 days post onset of menses with Levonorgestrel implant insertion technique.

Insertion is subdermal or underneath the skin in midportion of inner surface in upper arm approx. about 8 to 10 cm raised medial epicondyle. The two implants are to be administered in "V" shape about 30 degrees apart. Proper insertion of implants will facilitate removal.


All implants are suggested for removal before embedding a new set of implants or initiating use of any other hormonal contraceptive. If more than 2 implants are in situ, or if any implants are in situ while another hormonal contraceptive is used, uterine bleeding patterns may be altered.

Using Guide:-

  • Take implants as soon as possible within 72 hours after suspected birth control failure or if you have suspected act of unprotected sexual intercourse.
  • Levonorgestrel is safe to use any time during the menstrual cycle period.
  • If vomiting occurs within 2 hours after taking implants, inform health care provider whether to repeat that dose or not.
  • A physical exam is not mandatory pre intake of implants. If you are not sure about your general health or pregnancy status, a follow-up of a physical or pelvic report could be take before getting treated.


Levonorgestrel should be stored between 68° and 77° F (20° and 25° C). Storage at temperatures between 59° and 86° F (15° and 30° C) is allowed. Store the implants away from heat, moisture, and light. Do not store in the moisturized area like, bathroom. Keep Levonorgestrel implants strictly out of the reach of children, infants and pets.

Side Effects:-

Common side effects faced after intake of implants may be: Breast tenderness; changes in menstrual flow; diarrhea; dizziness; headache; nausea; stomach pain; tiredness; vomiting.

Some severe side effects occurred post consumption may be: Severe allergic reactions (rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue); severe and persistent lower stomach pain; spotting instead of your usual period.


  • The implants may cause dizziness. This effect reacts badly if you take it with alcohol or certain other medicines. Use Levonorgestrel with ultimate caution and safety. Avoid driving or performing other possibly unsafe tasks until you know how you deal with it.
  • Levonorgestrel is an emergency implants. It should not be strictly intake for routine birth control. If you perform sexual intercourse post intake of implants and before you attain your menstrual period, make sure that you use an effective form of contraception, such as a diaphragm or condom.
  • The solution does not protect against HIV infection or any other sexually transmitted diseases. Diabetes patients may affect blood sugar. Check blood sugar levels closely before intake of this medicine.

The solution should not be used for children who have not had their first menstrual period yet; safety and effectiveness of these children after consuming the formula have not been confirmed.