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Salbutamol 4mg is a highly effective asthma drug that sticks to nasal and to the smooth muscles that result in making disturbed pass way be relaxed and ease the air passing clear. This reduces the contraction of airways and allows one to have proper breathing i.e. process of inhaling and exhaling. It removes symptoms like tightness of chest, cough and shortness of breath. This medicine contains Salbutamol Sulphate as its parent ingredient in it. It can be used if one feels symptoms like wheezing, shortness of breath, tightness of the chest, etc.  This 4mg mild-power Salbutamol in Salbutamol 4mg tablets is a working agent that performs its task in order to relieve nasal congestion within 5 minutes of its consumption. This medicine can be used as a rescue agent, because it is very effecting in making one feel better and relieved from the attack done by asthma.

Specifications -

  • Manufacturer - SGS Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd      
  • Generic Name - Salbutamol 4mg (Asthma Medication)
  • Key Ingredient - Salbutamol
  • Formula - C13H21NO3
  • Molecular Mass - 239.311 g/mol
  • Color - White
  • Gender - Asthma Patient
  • Type Of Medicine - Conventional Tablet Form
  • Dosage Form - 1 pill a day  
  • Packaging - Blister Pack OF 10 White Colour Pills

What Is Bronchospasm?

Bronchospasm is a spasm of the bronchi that makes exhalation difficult and noisy; it is colligating with asthma and bronchitis. This can even disturb one’s normal livelihood. It narrows the airway passage through which one inhale air known as oxygen.

Features - 

  • This medicine helps one to have free nasal congestion
  • This is mainly use as a treatment for symptoms of asthma  
  • This reduces bronchospasm that is contraction or the airways and allows the airways to open making it easier to breath
  • It quickly gives relieve to a patient within 5minutes of its use
  • Salbutamol 4mg Tablet should not be overuse in order to be at safer end from its side effects
  • People allergic to Salbutamol Sulphate should avoid using it

How To Use It?

One should strictly not use and avoid over consumption of Sulbutamol 4mg tablets. One must bring this tablet into use, if doctor has prescribed it to treat and cure asthma, then only one should use it. One should not miss dosage and even intake over-dosage, if missed one. If one fails to take one dose and remembers about it when it is the time for the second dose, then he or she should ignore the first dosage and take second dose on time. Always keep this medicine out of the reach of children after using it. One should not take this resolving therapy more than 2 times if he or she is adult and 1 times, if it is children in 24 hours. 

Salbutamol should be used with caution in persons with cardiac arrhythmias, coronary insufficiency, hypertension, hyperthyroidism, convulsive disorders, and diabetes mellitus. Significant changes in blood pressure may be found in some persons after use of salbutamol. Large doses of intravenous salbutamol may aggravate the preexisting diabetes mellitus and ketoacidosis. Salbutamol may also produce significant hypokalemia in some persons, which produce adverse cardiovascular effects.

Warning - Always keep this medicine above the reach of children. One should prohibit over consumption of this medicine. If doctor has prescribed it to cure or treat asthma, then one should not miss dosage. If one fails to take one dose and remember about it when timing of second dose is nearby, then he or she should ignore the first and take second dose on time. One should not take more than maximum of 4 tablet if adult and two tablet if children in 24 hours.

Drug Contraindications -

  • People should avoid using this medicine if they are taking medicines, which can be harmful if their ingredient gets mixed with salbutamol and causes side effects
  • Consumption of this medicine should be avoided without doctor’s prescription.  One who are addicted to cigarette containing nicotine should avoid either one from nicotine and medicine
  • Precaution is to be taken if one is allergic to the salbutamol
  • Pregnant and nursing mother should avoid the use of it

Storage - Salbutamol 4mg medicine should be keep at a dry place, whose temperature is between 25O to 35o. This medicine should be protected from cold and children too.