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Obesity refers to having excess body fat accumulated in the body. For adults who are 35 and older having a BMI more than 30 are considered obese. It is just not a cosmetic consideration and more of a chronic medical disease which leads to diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, gallstones and different other chronic illnesses. The condition is difficult to treat with high relapse rate; most of the people who lose weight regain the weight within five years.

Even though medications and diets can help, the treatment of obesity cannot be fixed, it is a life-long commitment to proper diet habits, increased physical activity, and regular exercise. The medical treatment is to achieve and maintain a healthier weight rather than just maintaining fitness or ideal weight.

A modest weight loss of 5% to 10% of initial and long term maintenance of that weight loss brings significant health benefits by lowering blood pressure and the risks of diabetes and heart disease. Obesity is a common condition observed within the US; over two-third of adults are overweight or obese, the prevalence of obesity in children has increased markedly.

Health risks associated with obesity

It is just not a cosmetic consideration, but is a harmful condition to live with which remarkably affects the life expectancy by increasing the number of chronic diseases increasing the health risks for insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol, stroke, heart attack, congestive heart failure even cancer, gallstone, gout, osteoarthritis and sleep apnea.

Obesity is also associated to hormonal capabilities in terms of gaining weight in events such as pregnancy, menopause and some other cases of oral contraceptives. Weight gain has not been a great risk. Healthy weight is defined as a body mass index which is equal to or greater than 19 and less than 25 amongst the people aged 20 years and over. Obesity is defined as the body mass index (BMI) approximating around 30 pounds of excess weight. In most of the cases, weight gain or obesity is calculated considering the height of the person.

What can be done about obesity?

To control obesity, it is mandatory to follow a strenuous dietary pattern to maintain complete wellness and healthier living. The condition is considered as a chronic disease which is directly interlinked to high blood pressure and diabetes.  Lowered blood pressure, reduced blood levels of cholesterol, reduced risk of type 2 diabetes; reduced chances of stroke, decreased complications of heart disease and overall mortality.

Role of medication in the treatment of obesity

The medication and treatment of obesity should be used only in patients having the health risk in association with obesity. The medications should be used in patients having a BMI more than 30 or to those with a BMI of more than 27. In most of the cases, medications should only be used as an adjunct to diet modifications and to follow an exercise program.

Medications like Phentermine suppress the appetite causing the release of norepinephrine in the human body. Some of the common medications include sibutramine, orlistat (Alli and Xenical), Belviq, Qsymia etc are some of the commonly known medications to control obesity and weight loss.

Role of physical activity and exercise in reducing obesity

A medical study has shown that people engaged in limited recreational activity are more likely to gain weight than more active people. Other similar studies show that people engaged in regular strenuous activity gains less weight than the sedentary people. Physical activity and exercise helps burn calories and of the physical activity is carried out with intensity; the results and effects are much improved. However, it majorly depends on the weight of the person and the type of activity he carrying out.

Regular exercise and workouts is an effective treatment for obesity and the results are most effective when combined with a proper diet as well. Both of the one, like exercises alone without nutritional intake will deliver limited effects on the weight and will make the person feel weak, strained out and fatigue.

Benefits of exercise include

  • Improved control on blood sugar and increased insulin sensitivity.
  • Reduced levels of triglycerides and increased level of HDL cholesterol
  • Reduction in abdominal fat
  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Release increased amount of endorphins which helps people feel good

However, before carrying out certain exercises, it is mandatory to follow general precautionary measures in exercise and training to avoid any injuries and physical complications.

Choosing a safe and successful program

It is needless to understand that every program is safe and successful. It completely depends on the anatomy of the person and his capabilities in adjusting with the diet plan. Every person looking for a weight-loss or diet plan should firstly consider the capabilities of his physique and to understand how comfortable the human body in following the plan is, there are a lot of commercial weight loss programs which serves the best ones to follow.

A responsible and safe weight loss program is the one which follows a balance of nutritional intake and regular exercise. The diet plans are incorporated with proportional intake in terms of calories, minerals, vitamins and proteins. Some diet control plans are followed with adding a special liquid formula diet replacing all the food intakes, this is a different pattern followed to attain immediate results without hampering the energy and metabolism. Any of the diet plans should be mandatorily followed under the supervision of a nutritionist to avoid any complications.

If the plan is to lose more than 15 to 20 pounds; then one should choose a diet plan which works accordingly. It is always understood as a safe practice to follow to meet up a health care provider or a doctor before starting with an appropriate and complete weight loss program.

An appropriateness of the weight loss program with a sensible goal is a healthier practice to follow.