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Tadagra SoftGel Capsule

Tadagra SoftGel Capsule is a unique formulated erectile dysfunction pill, manufactured by a prominent pharmaceutical organization Dharma Distributors, which is known to be the most versatile organization that produce such amazing result oriented products. This medication is an effective weekender medicine available in the form of gel softgel capsule and one must intake this medication as per the need and 30 minute before starting up with sexual activities in presence of complete sexual stimulation. Oral consumption with the help of plain water is the moderate consumption of this medicine in which it will show its pure mechanism and achieve its aimed results.

This effective solution to overcome erectile dysfunction is composed of Tadalafil. Tadalafil 20mg is the main active ingredient in the medicine that treats Erectile Dysfunction issues in men. Gel caps works by enhancing flow of blood in the penile region by improvising it by relaxing and widening blood vessels and reducing strain on arterial muscles. Complete action mechanism of the component in capsule helps men to maintain and attain erection for longer time for conducting proper satisfactory sexual activity. Appropriate intake of Tadagra Softgel Capsule effectively stays in body for approx. 36 long hours. To gain maximum effective results take medicine in presence of complete sexual stimulation.

Active Ingredient

  • 20mg Tadalafil
  • Chemical Formula – C22H19N3O4
  • Molecular Mass - 389.404 g/mol
  • Pharmacological Denotation – PDE5-inhibitor

Functioning - Tadalafil present in this medicine as its parent ingredient is an active member of a group known as PDE5-Inhibitors. These active members are responsible for inhibiting enzyme and performing unique mechanism: a process in which these inhibitors treat improper functioning of penile system that is hit harder by erectile dysfunction. This process starts right from improvising flow of blood which was interrupted and blocked by the clogging caused by erectile dysfunction and reducing increases arterial muscle strain that is seen increasing due improper functioning. Tadalafil enhance the ability of men by boosting up his sexual performance by allowing men to attain proper penile erection. it take about 30 minutes from its consumption to start proper result oriented mechanism performance.

DO You Know How It Works?

Tadagra SoftGel Capsule does not produce spontaneous erection. It takes some time to assimilate into the bloodstream and negates the function of an enzyme called PDE5 (phosphodiesterase-5). On the inhibition of PDE5, the body releases a chemical called nitric oxide, a substance that increases blood supply to the male sexual organ for an erection. It not only helps improve erection, but also sustains rigidity for a longer period so that you can make love satisfactorily.

Tadagra SoftGel Capsule is available in 20mg potency, which is ideal for men with moderate to severe erectile dysfunction. The dose is ought to be taken an hour before intending to indulge in sexual activity. The next dose should be taken 36 hours after previous dose. Although, it is highly safe and effective medicine, Tadagra SoftGel Capsule has a few limitations. It is not recommended to men who are allergic to Tadalafil and who are already under treatment with nitrates or alpha-blockers. These drugs interact with Sildenafil Citrate and produce unpleasant side effect such as severe hypotension.

Why There Is A Need Of Using Tadagra SoftGel Capsule?

Erectile Dysfunction is a severe health condition that occurs in men and causes them their ability of attaining proper penile erection. Penile failure is not an easy to get automatically heal up kind of a situation. This health condition is incurable in nature and one who gets into the grip of this life threatening health condition sees tremendous troubles in their body and that too for the rest of their life. This chronic condition directly target men’s important penile region and cause tremendous problems that even lead to destroying their self-confidence. This health condition put men in to such circumstances that men fear to enter bad room to make love with his woman.

This disease is an incurable disease that does not have a cure and will keep on harming men until their last breath. This disease is a sever condition which was first only seen in men above the age off 4O’s because of their aging factor but now it is majorly found affecting people who come under the group of younger people.

Erectile dysfunction is not a by birth kind of disease and it occurs in men because of their careless behavior towards their own health. A person with healthy diet and hygienic surrounding will never see such a chronic health problem in their life until they are old and have continuous health issues that may lead to occur erectile dysfunction. But, a person who intentionally ignores their moderate level medical condition such as diabetes, obesity, blood pressure issues, urinal problem, etc. will definitely see such chronic health condition and suffer from it because his ignorance of treating minor health condition gives birth to severe and major level health condition known as erectile dysfunction.

Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction –

  • Anxiety
  • Unhygienic surrounding
  • Improper diet
  • Weakness
  • Diabetes
  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease
  • Hormonal Problems
  • Smoking
  • High Cholesterol
  • Over consumptions of alcohol
  • Depression
  • Masturbation

Side Effects - Exceeding the dose can increase the risk of adverse effects such as extreme dizziness, abnormal vision and skin rashes. The drug works well on an empty stomach, but loses its efficacy if taken along with alcohol or grapefruits.

Tadagra SoftGel Capsule is indeed the most effective medicine to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). To be on a safer side, it is important to consult doctor before using the medicine. It will help you lead a healthier and happier sexual life by helping you to please your wife in the bedroom every time you make love.