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Zhewitra 20

Zhewitra 20 is a mild powered long lasting medical proven formula that deals with penile erection failure in men. Drugs range amongst the quality generic composition working their very best in controlling penile failures. This medicine is available in a sensational sublingual medicine form and should be consume as whole without chewing and crushing with a plain glass of water. The main ingredient used in this drug is Vardenafil, which guarantees results. Zhewitra 20 is the best-formulated product, one can rely on it, and men who are above the age of 18years in a proper prescribed manner can consume this drug.

Active Medicinal Agent

  • 20mg Vardenafil
  • Chemical Formula – C23H32N6O4S
  • Molecular Mass - 488.604 g/mol
  • Pharmacological Denotation – PDE5-inhibitor

Usage Guidelines :

It is important that you use this mild power medication: Zhewitra 20 as the way it is prescribe by your doctor or expert in their prescription. You need to follow every direction carefully before and while using this generic erectile dysfunction medicine. Follow these usage guidelines:

  • You can take Zhewitra 20 with or without food.
  • Store the pills away from direct heat, sunlight or moisture.
  • Taking this pill in empty stomach gives better results.
  • You are not likely to be on a dosing schedule with this medicine; you need to use it as required.
  • It may lose its effectiveness if mixed or taken along with alcohol or grapefruits.
  • It helps achieve erection only when sexual stimulation occurs; it will not occur just by taking a pill.
  • This generic medicine is usually taken only when required, and nearly 30 minutes before starting sexual activities

Dosage: Every medication has its own proper way in which it should be consume and it start its performance within 25minutes from its consumption. Zhewitra 20 works simply outstanding when it is consumed in a proper manner. This drug is available in an oral tablet form, which should be normally taken in with a glass of plain water. Vardenafil (20mg) is composed as strength 20mg, which is a standard dosage as prescribed by the specialist. However, the results are not compromised and this medicine performs exactly in similar manner by improving sensual abilities to the core. Zhewitra 20 should not be consumed in combination to its rival medication available in the form of oral jelly and chewable format; this will be termed as an wrong dosage or an overdose, which would prove hazardous health issues.

Function: Vardenafil being the active agent and the parent ingredient, it works simply outstanding by improving erection abilities to it’s extend. Zhewitra 20 after consuming requires a minimum time of 30 minutes to start its action and performing its unique mechanism for treating erectile dysfunction, and perform its mechanism to achieve its aim of treating erectile dysfunction to its core. This drug is a fast acting medicine and it directly hits on the arterial strains and treats it. This parent ingredient works impressively outstanding by improving blood flow to the penile system that is men’s organ and relieving the arterial blockage. This medication makes it very much easier for the men to have erection in presence of complete sexual stimulation. Zhewitra 20 tablets should be consumed one at a time, after consuming an individual will have to wait for 25 minutes to experience the best results. Over dosage of this drug should be strictly prohibit in order to prevent side effect.

Side Effects: Every individual before consumption of Erectile Dysfunction pill to treat ED issues should consult specialists and doctors before consuming it. Not concerning a doctor and having over dosage will lead to adverse health issues. Zhewitra 20 if consumed with other medicines it may result side effects such as stomachache, back pain, headache, nasal congestion, blurry vision, and severe headache. Symptoms of side effect are going to be minor and temporary.