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Kwiknic 2mg

Kwiknic 2mg - Kwiknic is a gum, but not an ordinary bubble gum and one must chew it properly as the advice and instructed by the doctor. This recommended product helps men in quitting smoking. Smoking is the most dangerous and the hazardous habit that causes tremendous harm to human health, which in worsen cases death due to improper functioning or complete spoilage of body parts such as lungs. This anti-smoking chews are composed Nicotine (2MG). It is an option for people who wish to quit their tobacco habit. It works on the principle of Nicotine Replacement Therapy and helps reduce the urge for tobacco.

KwiKnic 2mg chews are a sensational productive treatment for both male and female to relieve habit of smoking. The chews are manufactured by ITC Ltd. and are available in blister pack of 10 chewable chews for oral consumption by chewing Consumption of only one KwiKnic 2mg chewing gum makes it easier for person to give up their smoking habits without urge of irritations, anger or frustration at that particular moment. Content in this sensational medicated chewing gums helps to fulfill the urge of person to chew tobacco or smoke. Avoid using nicotine gums for durations longer than 3 months..

Features -

  • Best Anti-smoking medication
  • It works on Nicotine Replacement Therapy
  • It comes in amazing Mint Flavor
  • Help in reducing urge of nicotine in the body

What is Nicotine Replacement Therapy?

NRT is a method of substituting the nicotine in tobacco products by an approved nicotine delivery product so that the tobacco user does not have uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms upon stopping the tobacco product. Nicotine gums acts as an oral substitute and provide a source of nicotine that reduces the withdrawal symptoms experienced when tobacco use is stopped

Dosage - In case a situation occurs in which men exceeds dosage limit as prescribed or a minor consume it, then one must consult doctor on immediate note and in prior. Consulting a doctor is always beneficial and men must consult expert as per their specialization and grab effective mean of treatment that help one who consume. Moderate dosage for a chain smoker who wants to quit smoking are as follow -    

  • 1st week - use at least 12 kwiknic 2mg gums
  • 2nd week - use at least 11 kwiknic 2mg gums
  • 3rd week - use at least 10 kwiknic 2mg gums
  • 4th week - use at least 9 kwiknic 2mg gums
  • 5th week - use at least 8 kwiknic 2mg gums
  • 6th week - use at least 7 kwiknic 2mg gums
  • 7th week - use at least 6 kwiknic 2mg gums
  • 8th week - use at least 5 kwiknic 2mg gums
  • 9th week - use at least 4 kwiknic 2mg gums
  • 10th wee - use at least 3 kwiknic 2mg gums
  • 11th wee - use at least 2 kwiknic 2mg gums
  • 12th week - use at least 1 kwiknic 2mg gums

Precaution - 

  • Minors i.e. under age men are not eligible to consume this medicine
  • Men with artificial removable dental equipment i.e. dentures must not chew this medicinal gums with it
  • Consumers must stop consuming eatables 15 minutes before and while chewing Kwiknic
  • One must process this chewing process as slowly as they can, this will help medicine perform its mechanism more effectively
  • One must take an interval of maximum 10 minutes for consuming another and must ignore chewing two chew at a time
  • Check expiry date before using it or else it can cause severe harms
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers must consult a doctor in prior before starting using kwiknic
  • One must avoid, I must say prohibit using kwiknic If men are already in-taking medicines including those containing theophylline, tacrine, clozapine or ropinirol
  • One must Prohibit use of kwiknic, If they have any medical conditions including uncontrolled blood pressure, stomach ulcer, kidney or liver diseases, heart or circulation problems, allergies, inflammation of mouth, overactive thyroid, adrenal gland cancer or if you are insulin dependant.

Side Effects - Side effects of this effective smoking solution is very rare and mild in nature if occurs. Severe condition may occur if men is chewing complete pack at a time or using expiry product. Side effects May induce headache, nausea, hiccups, vomiting, throat irritation, stomach irritation, dyspepsia, excess salivation, sore mouth or throat, jaw muscle ache and sleep disturbance.