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  1. Tadasoft 20

Brand TadaSoft is a unique composition of its manufacturing well-known pharmaceutical organization Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd. this sensational solution is a solution composed of Tadalafil : An active member of a group known as PDE5-Inhibitors. This effective well-manufactured product is a weekender in effectiveness and helps men to stay active for maximum 4 to 6 hours. Being weekender does not means it will keep men attaining penile erection for all 36 hours, but it will keep men stay active and there will be no need of consuming another tablet in that time span of 36 hours. A product scientifically termed as Tadasoft 20 is the only moderate power effective weekender medication manufactured for treating erectile dysfunction effectively and allotting men relief from this chronic health condition.

TadaSoft 20 is a mild power soft chewable form of a medicine available in the market for treating Erectile Dysfunction. It contains Tadalafil in a proportion of 20 mg as its parent and active ingredient in it that is completely responsible for performing all sort of mechanism. This medication is a very fast and easy way of a treatment to treat Erectile Dysfunction. It is a sensational medicine that comes under the list of prescribed medications. One should not buy and bring this into use without consulting a doctor or bought without doctor’s prescription for starting the treatment of erectile dysfunction. this effective solution comes in a blister of 10 yellow colour conventional tablet form of a medication.  

Active Medicinal Agent

  • 10mg Tadalafil
  • Chemical Formula – C22H19N3O4
  • Molecular Mass - 389.404 g/mol
  • Pharmacological Denotation – PDE5-inhibitor

Active Drug - Tadalafil present in this medication as the only actie ingredient belong to a group scientifically termed as PDE5-Inhibitors. These active members of this group are individually capable of treating erectile dysfunction by inhibiting enzymes. Tadalafil on proper consumption in accurate form directly gets dissolved and mixed in the blood stream and activates its unique mechanism. The effective treatment involve process that improvises improper flow of blood that goes until men’s organ, improper functioning of penile system that happened due to lack of proper flow of blood and increased arterial muscle which eventually happened due to improper function of penile system and caused penile erection failure.

Prominent Features -

  • Use To Treat Erectile Dysfunction Issues
  • Use To Have Proper Penile Erection
  • Use Control Premature Ejaculation
  • Use To have Safer and healthy Satisfactory Sexual Activities

What is Erectile Dysfunction And How One Falls Into Attack Of It?

Erectile dysfunction is a severe health condition that creates an unexpected condition that can completely change life of people, then whether it is an individual or couples. This is a severe health condition that cannot be cured completely, but it can be treated well enough by consuming erectile dysfunction pill a treatment to treat ED that allow an individual to have proper posture for conducting sexual activities with their partner. Erectile dysfunction occurs only in men. People dealing with such a health issue face a common problem related to their penile system while having erection. A patient with Erectile Dysfunction will face many troubles in having a strong and firm erection for sexual activities like intercourse and making out love. Failure in having erection sometimes is normal but if it happens on regular basis, then one should consult a doctor on prior basis to have quick recovery in lesser period of time.

An individual dealing with Erectile Dysfunction will face many major psychological and physical health issues like stress, anxiety, depression, embarrassment, self-confidence and reduction in sexual desire. Apart from blood flow reduction issue, nervous supply issue and hormones issue, People who have diabetes, heart problem, obesity, high blood pressure, sleep disorder, injury, high cholesterol etc. are consider to have major chances of getting affected by Erectile Dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction is the only main problem which one faces that can cause Penile failure. According to doctor’s examination and research, every human being should have proper diet and hygienic surrounding to prevent sever health problems. People who over consume alcohol, addicted to masturbation, addicted to smoke, are the one who have increased chances of having erectile dysfunction problems and symptoms. 

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction - Erectile Dysfunction is a condition that stays in a human body by his birth. Following human activities done by them in their day to day life are the major reason behind the growth of Erectile dysfunction in men’s body: 

  • Over consumptions of alcohol
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Relationship problems
  • Anxiety
  • Unhygienic surrounding
  • Improper diet
  • Weakness
  • Diabetes
  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease
  • Hormonal Problems
  • Smoking
  • High Cholesterol

Side effects - Side Effects are scientifically termed as a reaction that normally happens due to over dosage drug, interpretation of consumption form, intake of medicine along with its reactor components and drug allergy.  Side Effects are the major effects of Overdosing and often patients do visit doctor because of it. Over dosing and side effects goes hand by hand, if men dares to breach the advised proclamation of a doctor, he will definitely fall into effects of side effects due to their uncared behavior. Headache, stomachache, dizziness, drowsiness, blurry vision, nasal congestion, vomiting, allergic patches, hypertension, hypotension, etc. are the common side effects that are noticed to be affecting men on over dosing.