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Speman is a unique herbal medication manufactured by a prominent pharmaceutical organization Himalaya Herbal Healthcare. This effective herbal treatment treats penile failure issue, increasing production of quality sperm and impotence as whole. Appropriate intake of this medicine works through impotency issues from roots, medicine gets dissolved in blood stream as soon as consumed, further starting action mechanism that lasts for longer time. Excessive consumption of the sensational medicine should be restricted, even though it is highly tolerated medicine without any severe side effects and reactions. Herbal resolution is best to be consumed by men of any age to deal with repeated penile failure in men.

Moderate consumption of these pills as prescribed by doctor is safer for acquiring effective results. Sensational red colour pills are known as penile failure treating medication as they work effectively as soon as consumed. It takes few minutes for this medication to get assimilated and induces effective treatment. Medicine being in state called conventional tablets is suggested to intake as oral consumption with the help of plain water post light meals. It should not be crushed or chewed as altering the state of the pill lowers effectiveness of high-powered pills.

This herbal product enhances spermatogenesis and sexual performance. The herbal ingredients in Himalaya Speman help promote the process spermatogenesis (formation of sperm) by improving the secretion of testosterone. Himalaya Speman is probably one of the best remedies to improve sperm count and morphology.

Features –

  • Teat Erectile Dysfunction Effectively
  • Increase Rate Of Sperms
  • Induce Quality Sperms
  • Enhances sexual desires
  • Treat Liver toxicity
  • Improves immune system

Active Ingredients - Speman Tablet is composed of the following active ingredients (salts) & these herbs are known to treat sexual impotence, seminal debilities and spermatorrhoea. They help secrete certain hormones in the brain, which help improve sexual function.

  • Hygrophila
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • Tribulus Terrestris

For Treating What Is Speman Suggested To Use?

Erectile Dysfunction in men is although a common situation, but none must take it lightly and should take productive steps that can help men overcome this chronic health condition. Impotency is another medical term for use Erectile Dysfunction. Impotency is a medically proven dangerous health condition that is capability and potency of costing one their happy living. This life threatening disease is a manly disease and is incurable in nature. On its occurrence, it directly targets men’s penile region that consist of penile system, penile itself and men’s important organ. This disease on its presence in men’s body creates number of clogging i.e. blockages in the blood vessel, which results in interruption in the flow of blood due to thinning of pass way that direct blood flow till men’s important organ. This interruption in the flow of blood is the vital problem, which further creates disturbance in the proper functioning of penile system, and increase in the strain on arterial muscles, which further restricts men to attain proper penile erection. 

Causes -

  • Anxiety
  • Unhygienic surrounding
  • Improper diet
  • Weakness
  • Diabetes
  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease
  • Hormonal Problems
  • Smoking
  • High Cholesterol
  • Over consumptions of alcohol
  • Depression
  • Masturbation

Precautions –

  • Speman is encountered safer and well tolerable for all affected and needy men
  • Prior consult an endocrinologist, if testicular functions are not improving in spite of long-term treatment, as a single medication or adjuvant to other modern solutions
  • Make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in this herbal solution
  • The solution is composed tablet that easily dissolves in the stomach and after a short period of time is already beginning to act
  • Avoid excessive use of any medication
  • Inform your doctor before taking this medicine if you are already consuming other solutions for treating penile failure issues

Drugs Contraindication –

  • Speman medicine has no negative interactions when consumed with other drugs
  • inform your doctor in case you have previously experienced any kind of allergic reaction to one or any ingredients in this medication
  • Let doctor known of any medications, prescribed or over the counter that you may be consuming
  • Inform your physician about any herbal supplements that are being consumed by you

Storage - Store the medicine in same blister pack to protect from direct sunlight and moisture prone area. Avoid storing near reach of children and pets. Keep at normal room temperature away from reach of children and pets.