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Penegra 50

Penegra 50 is an Erectile Dysfunction pill available in the proportion of 100mg and that too in a tablet form, which is the simplest form of medication that can be easily consumed. This product is a less time consumable effective product, which starts its action mechanism within half an hour from its consumption. On Its consumption this medication gets dissolved and mixed in the human blood resulting in increasing flow of blood by increasing nitric oxide. This medicine is a result-oriented product and results of it last for a longer duration, which is well enough to conduct healthy sexual activities. A person who consumes this medicine will notice a positive effect of it by allowing him to have and attain erection penile for good valuable time with his partner. It will help men to get stronger, stiffer and harder erection as required and demanded by women to satisfy their need and demand. Erectile Dysfunction in men is a treatable disease but not a curable one. One can feel and have better performance by taking medicine such as Penegra 50 mg as per doctor’s suggestion and prescription.

For all men erectile dysfunction in a worsen situation in occurrence of which their life changes completely due such chronic health issues. For improving their sexual abilities, men uses suggested medication which is known for its better performance and result oriented nature. Penegra 50 is a mild powered medication that plays an important role and has turn out to be the most productive, worthy and result oriented Erectile Dysfunction medicine. This medicine is a best-formulated product, which involves natural ingredients, this main ingredient in this medicine is Sildenafil Citrate, and it is the parent ingredient. It allows the body of an individual to have a better flow of blood in order to have an erect and firm position of his penile system. This is very necessary for have a better performance, pleasant moments and unforgettable healthy sexual activities.

Active Medicinal Agent

  • 50mg Sildenafil Citrate
  • Chemical Formula – C22H30N6O4S
  • Molecular Mass - 474.5764 g/mol
  • Pharmacological Denotation – PDE5-inhibitor

What Is Erectile Dysfunction? Erectile Dysfunction is a severe health condition that none wants deal with in their entire life. This chronic health condition is known for its brutality and harmful symptoms with which everyone deals in their personal and private life. This disease directly targets men’s penile system and make them unable to perform accurate sexual activities, as it should be done, due to lack of penile erection. Penile failure is not an easy health condition with which one can live their life happily. According to doctors and their researches on this chronic health condition, erectile dysfunction creates number of barrier in the blood vessel via which blood flows till the men’s organ. This improper flow of blood causes arterial strain that further causes penile failure. This disease is not an easily curable health condition; actually, it is an incurable disease, which can be only treated well enough to get proper time being erection.

If one avoids the early stages or symptoms and should start treatment of it by consulting a doctor or a specialist. One of the best Erectile Dysfunction medicine suggested by specialists is Panegra 50. Panegra 50 helps one to perform perfect and normal sexual activities with time being penile erection. This medicine works by boosting up sexual performance in men by increasing nitric oxide that increases the flow of blood this increase in flow of blood releases arterial strain on muscles and allow one to achieve proper penile erection. This medication helps sexually aroused men to experience peak satisfaction from the act of lovemaking.

Major Aspects Of Life That Causes Erectile Dysfunction - Erectile Dysfunction is not a disease that stays in human body by their birth. Every men who are affected by such a chronic health condition are definitely under it attacks because of their daily habits that is harmful for their own self.

  • Over consumptions of alcohol
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Relationship problems
  • Anxiety
  • Unhygienic surrounding
  • Improper diet
  • Weakness
  • Diabetes
  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease
  • Hormonal Problems
  • Smoking
  • High Cholesterol

Drug Contradiction -

  • Kids or Teens below the age of 18 years should strictly avoided usage of these pills because it is compatible for people above the age of 18year whose body have seen growth and are capable of taking its effects
  • People who have improper functioning of kidney should quit usage of erectile dysfunction
  • People allergic to Sildenafil Citrate should not consume such products.
  • People with low level or weaken liver should prohibit consumption of such products
  • People who are already consuming number of high-powered medicines should ignore consumption of erectile dysfunction pill, as its ingredient mixture can cause tremendous problems
  • People who are addicted to nicotine containing products should quit consuming such products as it causes harm to human body. They should either select Erectile Dysfunction pill or nicotine product as there life partner
  • One who have heart problem should prohibit consumption of such products

Side Effects - People should strictly prohibit consumption of it without prescription of doctors. Over dosage should not be done because it can cause severe health conditions like stomachache, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, vomiting, blurry vision, uncontrolled shivering of hands and legs, etc.