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Ventorlin Inhaler 100mcg

Ventorlin Inhaler is a sensation product manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline. A 100mg powered inhaler is introduce in the market with an aim of treating and curing breathing difficulties caused by bronchospasm. It contains Salbutamol as its parent ingredient in it. This inhaler can be employ if an individual feels any symptoms like wheezing, shortness of breath, tightness of the chest, etc. Ventrolin Inhaler 100mcg is an agent that works in order to relieve nasal congestion within 5 minutes of its use. This inhaler can also be brought in use as a rescue agent. If one is under attack of asthma, it will only help them to have time being positive effects as it is not a cure for asthma.

The high power inhaler is known for treating asthma and its symptoms in human beings effectively with time being safer relief. This stunning high-powered medication is available in the form of inhaler. This formulated drug salbutamol as safer ingredient performs mechanism, which start its effects on patients using on proper usage and assimilation.

100mcg Salbutamol is the main component of this inhaler that plays a major role in treating asthma and its issues does not support overdosing. It works very stunningly by being attached to the nasal and blocked areas to give free flow of air while processing inhaling and exhaling. This results in reducing the obstacles and free flow of functioning. It deals with symptoms like tightness of chest, cough and shortness of breath.

Features - 

  • It quickly gives relieve to a patient within 5minutes of its use
  • Ventrolin Inhaler 100mcg should not be overuse in order to be at safer end from its side effects
  • People allergic to Salbutamol should avoid using it
  • This inhaler helps one to have free nasal congestion
  • This is mainly use as a treatment for symptoms of asthma  
  • This reduces bronchospasm that is contraction or the airways and allows the airways to open making it easier to breath

Bronchospasm - 

Bronchospasm is a spasm of the bronchi that makes exhalation difficult and noisy. It is associated with asthma and bronchitis. It is not an easy health issue to live with, as our wellbeing is completely dependable on how much fresh oxygen we intake and exhale carbon dioxide. This can even disturb one’s normal living. It narrows the airway passage through which one inhale air known as oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Asthalin 2mg tablet is a product manufactured by Cipla Pharmaceuticals.

How To Use It?

One should strictly not use and avoid over consumption of Ventorlin Inhaler. One must bring this Inhaler into use, if doctor has prescribed it to treat and cure asthma, then only one should use it. One should not miss dosage and even intake over-dosage, if missed one. If one fails to take one dose and remembers about it when it is the time for the second dose, then he or she should ignore the first dosage and take second dose on time. Always keep this inhaler out of the reach of children after using it. One should not take this inhaler therapy more than 4 times if he or she is adult and 2 times, if it is children in 24 hours. 

Drug Contraindications –

  • Precaution is to be taken if one is allergic to the salbutamol
  • Pregnant and nursing mother should avoid the use of it
  • People should avoid using this inhaler if they are taking medicines, which can be harmful, if their ingredient gets mixed with salbutamol and causes side effects
  • Consumption of this inhaler should be avoided without doctor’s prescription.  One who are addicted to cigarette containing nicotine should avoid either one for nicotine and inhaler

Warnings and Precautions - Always replace the cover mouthpiece after using the inhaler. One should prohibit over consumption of inhaler. If doctor has prescribed it to cure or treat asthma, then one should not miss dosage. If one fails to take one dose and remember about it when timing of second dose is nearby, then he or she should ignore the first and take second dose on time. One Should not take more than maximum two drops in 24 hours.

Storage - Ventrolin Inhaler 100mcg should be kept at a dry place, whose temperature is blow 30O C. Inhaler should be protected from frost, which will result in precaution from improper function.